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McCoy Camp Day 3

23 January 1959

Friday 23 January 1959

Still easterly but cloud dispersed and had a day of hot sun and breeze.

Beth and I cooked a flathead breakfast, did some laundry in the creek and then the four botanists went prospecting up the ridge north of the creek. We listed and observed in the open Banksia – Pultenaea heath in the inland and closed tea tree scrub of the seaward end. The afternoon proved unbearably hot and I spent it propped under a tree on my sleeping bag writing. Cooked dinner and identified specimens. John MacA and Cecilie, as always, were out on a long exhausting geology jaunt and must have covered twice as much ground as anyone else. (John, like Minette, was an ex-polio victim, with a withered leg, who had gone all out to prove that he could walk as well as the next man and had finished by far surpassing him.)