Mary Gillham Archive Project: 

  1. Final project report

  2. Complete dataset (Bats, badgers and recorder's names have been removed,email to request a full version)
  3. Archive index 
  4. Slide index
  5. Geology document directory
  6. Geology image directory


  1. Mary's PhD thesis
  2. The Round of the Seasons (or Jean and David on the Farm)  - unpublished book written by Mary


Mary Gillham Archive Project videos on YouTube
Mary Gillham Archive Project photos on Flickr
Mary Gillham Archive Project photos on the People's Collection Wales website
Mary Gillham Archive Project on Radio Cardiff (we were guest #2 starting at around 10:35 on the recording)
Mary Gillham Archive Project on Soundcloud


Written work

Walking in the footsteps of Mary:

  1. Walk 1: Dinas Powys
  2. Walk 2: Howardian Local Nature Reserve
  3. Walk 3: Pwll Waun Cynon (see blog post)
  4. Walk 4: Draethen (see blog post)
  5. Walk 5: St Gwynno Woods
  6. Walk 6: Forest Farm Nature Reserve


ID guides:

  1. Fungi for beginners
  2. Recording for beginners
  3. Wildlife Bingo



  1. Changing landscape of Pwll Waun Cynon
  2. Changing landscape of Forest Farm


SEWBReC Newsletters:

  1. Spring 2016 (pdf) or read online here.
  2. Autumn 2016 (pdf) or read online here.
  3. Spring 2017 (pdf) or read online here.
  4. Autumn 2017 (pdf) or read online here.


Other written articles:

  1. Friends of Forest Farm March 2016
  2. Friends of Forest Farm December 2016
  3. Friends of Forest Farm March 2017
  4. Friends of Forest Farm September 2017
  5. Friends of Forest Farm December 2017
  6. Cardiff Naturalists’ Society Newsletter 2016
  7. Friends of Glamorgan Heritage Coast Autumn 2017


Syd Johnson and Mary Gillham film about post-industrial Wales