Mary Gillham Archive Project Heroes

The Mary Gillham Archive Project could not have achieved so much without the help and support of the Project Heroes - a select band of volunteers who worked tirelessly to illuminate the life of Mary Gillham. They are honoured on this page.

Project volunteers

  • Ali Palmer
  • Alison Lindsay
  • Alys
  • Amy Sherwin
  • Anna Carlile
  • Annie Irving
  • Archie Bunney
  • Becca
  • Cathy Bolton
  • Catrin Greaves
  • Ceri Gait
  • Chris Lawrence
  • Chris Williams
  • Claire
  • David Hughes
  • David Lewis
  • Diana Westmoreland
  • Donna Reed
  • Emily Pascoe
  • Emma Williams
  • Emrys Ruck
  • Erin MacDonald
  • George Auchterlonie
  • Hazel Hughes
  • Helen Passey
  • Hollie Haywood
  • Imogen Strongman
  • Ioan Williams
  • Jamie Lewis
  • John Wilkins
  • Julia Banks
  • Laura Missen
  • Laura Pratt
  • Linda Burnell
  • Lucy Haddock
  • Lucy Smith
  • Luke Leatherbee
  • Maya Broadbank
  • Meriem Kayoueche-Reeve
  • Mike Spearing
  • Nat Christie
  • Pat Adams
  • Sarah Reece
  • Sharon Williams
  • Sheila Austin
  • Sue Ansell
  • Valmai Lewis
  • Wedyan Arif
  • Zoe-Marie Jones

Brand design

  • Iain Munnery and Ibrahim Kayoueche

Steering Group

  • Lorna Baggett (Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales)
  • Gillian Barter (Natural Resources Wales)
  • Rolf Brown (Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council)
  • Dr Elizabeth Chadwick (Cardiff University)
  • Chris Cleal (National Museum Cardiff)
  • Mike Dean (Cardiff Naturalists' Society)
  • Dr Catherine Duigan
  • Rose Revera (Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales)



  • Dr Rob Thomas and Jez Smith
  • Sam Whitfield
  • Paul Seligman
  • Rhian Kendall
  • Andy Kendall

Mary Gillham's estate

  • Rosemary and David Hufton, Christopher Ayres and Stella Anderson who facilitated this journey and provided valuable insight into Mary's life.


Thank you to all of the people listed on this page and all of those who supported us throughout the project at events, through social media and in many other ways.


Watch the Mary Gillham Archive Project 'Volunteers' video made by George!