Vivian Sydney Johnson - 1919 - 2014

Sydney Johnson was a member of both the Cardiff Naturalists' Society (CNS) and Glamorgan County Naturalists' Trust (now the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales) and was ever present at field and indoor meetings. An excellent naturalist, Syd also had a strong interest in history and industrial heritage. Often with cine camera in hand Syd documented the activities of these groups and the wildlife and landscape they worked to record and protect.

Syd was a regular member of Mary's Extramural trips - both as tutor and student and he and Mary collaborated together on many occasions to make films about the natural history of Wales.

Read Syd's obitury by the Cardiff Naturalists' Society.

'Behind the Dark Cloud', a film Syd and Mary made in the early 1970s about the changing landscape of the Rhondda Valley. Locations include: Ferndale, Glyn Cornel, Llyn Fach, Gelli Draws, Coed y Bedw, Craig y Llyn

'A County's Awakening', a film by Syd made in the late 1960s/early 1970s about landscape change in Southeast Wales and the work of the Glamorgan County Naturalists' Trust (GCNT). Featured locations: Broad Pool (Cilibion), Ilston Quarry (now the Elizabeth and Rowe Harding Nature Reserve), Port Eynon Point, and Eglwys Nunydd.